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four pens are lined up on top of each other with paper flowers attached to them
Pencil/ chopstick wrap ~ Stampin’Up!
a paper cut out of a coffee cup with a bow tie on it's side
900+ Ideas De Moldes Para Cajas 692
an image of a paper bag cut out to look like it is in the shape of a handbag
paper bags with flowers are lined up on a table
an instagram page with some cards on it
two wooden clothes pins with flowers on them
+ de 20 ideias de lembrancinhas para o Dia Internacional da Mulher
Pra Quem tem Estilo | Moda Sustentável | Estilo Sustentável | Jardinagem e Hortas Sustentáveis | Reciclagem | Artesanato
the worksheet is filled with pictures and words