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Choose the window seat! Photo by David Mayhew on a flight from Denver to Iceland 10/14/13 -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids.

The next time you board an airplane with a northern flight path, choose the window seat. Photographer David Mayhew settled in next to the port wing of a flight from Denver to Iceland on October and this is what he saw through the glass.

My family was flying to India in this dream. The airport was attached to a store like Sam's Club. My twin was trying to convince TSA to let her bring a knife in a bag of salad the whole time while I was stealing loads of candy. She really needed that knife.

Fly away darling Catch a ride on the wind Golden dust seldom grows dim. Glowing rays set dreams ablaze Blow a kiss my way A piece of warmth is all I'll take. Float, float on the skies misty haze Freedom awaits.

airplane views from window photos - Bing Images

I'd like to see Dubai and I'd like to sit next to the window to look out and see one of my big dreams come true!

Just beautiful

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Heavenly sky seen through the windows of an airplane, Germany

The most beautiful of things come from small windows, and are seen for a short time and remembered forever. Heavenly sky seen through the windows of an airplane, Germany