20 best indoor kid crafts and activities

Not that we have rainy days in Dubai, but maybe great for too-hot-summer-days. fun-for-kids-rainy-day-crafts-activities-

Compact Swings

15 Fantastic Swings for Your Backyard

A compact swing set for the backyard. Could also attach a climbing rope to one side, as well. Getting rid of swing set making it more compact.

14725557_1301441946553637_8250666498933306188_n.jpg (540×960)

14725557_1301441946553637_8250666498933306188_n.jpg (540×960)

thermoplastic playground markings jump - Google Search

SSP are a leading suppliers of Wet Pour Rubber & Artificial Grass Playground Surfaces. Installers of playground surfaces for school and nursery playgrounds

make a wreath for a hero or heroine

Move Over Hercules – A Greek Hero DIY

Cursa de peus gegants!

[ "Giant foot yard game for BFG theme. Note: be sure to instruct players to put feet inside rope handles.", "DIY slideshow on building one

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Turn cardboard into Olympic Medals. An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

Turn cardboard into Olympic Medals. An A original. For my class room Olympics idea.

DIY Idea: PVC Waterfall I want one so we can play!!! WHY NOT HAVE THIS TO COOL OFF A HORSE IN THE

DIY Idea: PVC Waterfall