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Zuzana Lilková

Space,Milky Way,Earth,Europe,Czech Republic / Aaaaand, here it is. Is april and That means That I'm gonna have birthdaaaaay. I'm not ussualy so happy of it but This year I will probably get ukulele. And tha
Zuzana Lilková
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pietro+maximoff | ... pietro maximoff dofp t: mine u: marvel m: dofp char: quicksilver

Quicksilvering<<My device auto corrected Quicksilver to Quicksilvering omg guys its a verb and I will use it forever


Cosplayer Rebecca Lindsay wowed the crowds at New York Comic Con with this awesomely clever cosplay of Marvel’s shapeshifting mutant Mystique depicted in the middle of morphing. Lindsay’s costume is a.

⭐Estoy editando y reparando lo que escribía en un inicio. (Por si not… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

See, I am gonna seem like an idiot, but what is the difference between the X-Men Quick Silver and the Avengers: Age of Ultron Quick Silver?

Ohhhh burnt

legally he can't respond to that :^)) bitch shut the fuck up he walked trough that goddamn door

(credit to cainternn on tumblr)

Spider-Man is ma fave but if you steal the shield you deal with me and a whole bunch of other scary captain America lovers