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a close up of a vase on top of another vase in the shape of a turtle
Don't Panic | IndieMade
Close-up on McCoy ceramic garden totem
a wooden tower made out of wood blocks in a garden
Gartendeko - Selbstgemacht - neue Ideen - Mein schöner Garten Forum
Gartendeko - Selbstgemacht - neue Ideen - Seite 1 - Gartengestaltung - Mein schöner Garten online
a piece of wood that has been cut in half and is sitting on top of a metal stand
Paper clay And Structural Support
Case Study: "Within Us" This is the completed piece. It is mounted with a stainless steel pin into a solid textured aluminum block. The is...
three bird sculptures sitting on top of each other in the middle of a garden area
Occidental Pottery and Wood - Garden Totems
Occidental Pottery and Wood - Garden Totems
a large blue flower sitting on top of a tree stump
Frances Doherty
Frances Doherty
three metal fans are in the middle of some flowers and plants near a white house
Keramik Ginkgoblatt
three black and white sculptures in the grass
three metal flowers sitting on top of a wooden stump in front of some bushes and trees
Maureen Michaelson
Frances Doherty
a teal colored candle holder sitting on top of a white table
Keramik Kürbis Licht
Keramik Kürbis Licht
an arrangement of red and yellow ornaments in a garden
garten keramik - Google Search
a white ball with some flowers on it and a chain attached to the end of it
garten keramik
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