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a group of people sitting around a table
Romantic Beach Dinner
Surprise your loved one with a Romantic Beach Dinner – a private setting with flavourful cuisine, waiting just for you❤️
two people sitting in a hot tub with candles
Date night
Begin your honeymoon with a private romantic spa ritual under the stars💕
a woman in a kayak paddles through clear blue water
Zuri Zanzibar | Kayaks
Explore the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean at your own pace with our transparent kayaks. 🌊
a woman sitting on the back of a sail boat
ZURI Laporte Dhow boat
Drift away into the sunset and the beauty of the Indian Ocean on the ZURI Laporte Dhow boat. Book your cruise now. 🌊
there is a yellow ladder next to a store front with baskets on the shelves and other items
Wimbi Shop
the inside of a shop with lots of items on display and palm trees in the background
Wimbi Shop
The Zuri Wimbi Shop is located directly alonside the beach and it offers a great selection of sustainable gifts and other holiday-related items.
a man and woman on a sailboat with the sun setting in the back ground
Sunset Cruise
Dream of Zanzibar sunsets aboard the beautiful LaPorte Dhow built exclusively for ZURI.
two people sit on chairs under palm trees at the beach as the sun goes down
Live Music Session
Music has the ability to bring us joy and help us to relax.
a store with baskets and other items in it's display area on the wall
Wimbi Shop
Great selection of sustainable gifts and other holiday-related items, directly supporting the local community.
a yellow building with surfboards leaning against it's wall and palm trees in the background
Wimbi Water Sports Center
Featuring a great selection of new equipment, Wimbi Water Sports is the perfect place to experience the best of the Indian Ocean. Dive or snorkel in some of Unguja’s best reefs, sail on the azure waters of Zanzibar, practice your favourite water sport, or join in with one of our multiple wellbeing programs.
two men sitting on stools playing guitars in the sand under palm trees at night
Live Music At ZURI
The Malfred Duo band makes the evenings at ZURI special, immersing everyone in a local atmosphere.
a man sitting on a bench under palm trees
DJ & Sundowners
Signature drinks, crispy snacks, live DJ tunes, the all-time-favourite beach sessions should be on your vacation list
two bowls filled with rice sitting on top of a table next to a drink glass
Movie Nights
Enjoy the atmospheric movie nights under the stars with freshly popped popcorn and mouth-watering cocktails.
a woman holding a cocktail in her hand while sitting at a table on the deck
Cocktail-Making Class
Fine-tune your cocktail making skills with our mixology class.
two people are swimming in the ocean with scuba gear
The Zuri Zanzibar is in the ideal location for enjoying diving and snorkelling: close to Tumbatu (the turtle nestling zone) and Mnemba atoll Marine Park, keen divers can enjoy the two best spots in Zanzibar. The diving centre provides the latest equipment for snorkelling and diving. Diving and snorkelling trips can be arranged.