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Le Prince Lointain: Jan Štursa (1880-1925), Melancholická dívka - 1906...

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Jan Štursa (May 15, 1880 in Nové Město na Moravě – May 2, 1925 in Prague, suicide) was a one of founders of modern Czech sculpture. He studied at the AVU under professor Josef Myslbek,. As a result of his criticism Štursa destroyed most of his early works. He was not influenced by Czech National Revival but tried to find his own way. The female body was his frequent motif. A monumental couple of figures decorates the pylons of Hlávka Bridge in Prague. Later, he was influenced by cubism.

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Jan Štursa - Washing hair woman #Czechia #art #sculpture

Jan Štursa - Wounded (1921) #sculpture #Czechia #art

Jan Štursa (1880 -1925) - La Toilette

Jan Štursa - Danseuse au repos

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