Repair ripped up jeans with Lace!

Lace tights underneath ripped jeans, I usually wear regular ones under holey jeans in the winter, but this one actually adds some style!

How to: make a Fringe scarf.

DIY fringe scarf from an old t-shirt--Such a cute idea!great with a simple t-shirt or cami with jeans and boots!

Projects for girls

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DIY from an old tshirt.

DIY t-shirt - cute! Just cutting! by Shirt Design Shirt Crafts Shirt DIY Shirt Collections

I normally don't like chocolate, but...

How Balloons Reinvent The Experience Of Ice Cream

diy chocolate dessert cups - so fun! tkz: Did this one time at a friend's food party. Messy is what I remember. Yummy though - dark chocolate.


New twist on the flannel button down. what a great idea. could use bf's flannel if nothing else to wear!such an awesome idea!

bleach pen on leggings.

bleach pen on leggings. I don't actually like this design, or even leggings, but I like the idea of doing mehndi designs with a bleach pen.

Sexy butterfly cut-out t-shirt

butterfly cut-out t-shirt- minus the sexy part and add a colored tank top for Gabby to wear.some how I doubt mine would turn out this well:(

diy slash sleeve top

::: OutsaPop Trashion ::: DIY fashion by Outi Pyy :::: DIY Slash sleeve top. - I'd love to do this to a black tee for a beach coverup

Draped skirt

DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing!

diy skull cut out tshirt

diy skull cut out could do the Y and the M cut out of the back.