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Human Egg and Sperm

One Life at the Edge of Conception. Human Egg and Sperm in the Beginning of the Circle of Life.

Scientists reveal how a little-known amoeba engulfed a bacterium to become photosynthetic

Roughly 100 million years ago, an amoeba robbed a bacterium of its genes. Now, researchers finally know how the amoeboid pulled off the heist. The ancient amoeba Paulinella subsumed the bacterium without harming it. It then hijacked the genes necessary fo

Streptococcus cells

Few of us have camera capable of photographing stain of Streptococcus cells that look like orange balls on a velvety royal blue background.

16 Postcards Women In Science Cards Rock Star by meganlee on Etsy

Megan Lee on Etsy. Various scientists highlighted in beautiful graphic posters, t-shirts, etc. Here Women In Science Mosaic poster