Naše jedovaté rostliny - nástěnná tabule ( 67x96 cm ) | ALBRA - Prodej a…

Naše jedovaté rostliny - nástěnná tabule ( 67x96 cm ) | ALBRA - Prodej a…

The size of dinosaurs is one of their most interesting aspects which will surely capture your students attention and engage their imagination.  This image shows the shadows of eight dinosaurs and a human. Invite your students to tell which ones were the tallest and the longest, estimate how big they were compared to a human. #dinosaurs #size #height #length

Dinosaurs Size Comparison with a Human

A comparison of dinosaur size in relation to humans - from the long Diplodocus to the tall Compsognathus.

Dinosaur Size Comparison - As the image does not show numeric data, you can ask your students to find out more about the estimated height, length and weight of dinosaurs and compare them with those of an average human and an elephant.  This image could be a starting point to explore how scientists study these extinct animals, and whether they have the actual measurements of height, length and weight or they have to make a sensible assumption. #dinosaur #size #height #length

Dinosaur vs. Human vs. Elephant

Extremely simple infograph on dinosaur sizes in comparison to a regular human being. It's more interesting how it's not your typical graph-like size-comparison image but rather a situational one with a bit of atmosphere going on.

Diving Depths - Find out about the deepest-diving animals and why they do so in the infographic, and motivate your students to explore these lovely creatures in depth! #marineanimals #diving

Diving Depths Printable

Pearl Divers to Squid Eaters - Diving the Depths - Infographics Showcase

Penguins' March - Penguins are flightless birds that live in Antarctica. They spend about half of their lives in the ocean and half on land. Let the penguins march into your classroom with this lovely infographic! Show your learners how these amazing birds live and march! #penguin #animalfacts #animals

Penguins March (Infographic)

For my teacher friends and adam's love of penguins: Tons of penguin resources. Cute photo of the life cycle too.

Cats vs. Dogs - TTheir war is an endless one. Don’t let those few videos and pictures you see of a cat licking a dog clean, or of a dog nestling up next to a cat for sleepy time fool you. Theirs is a battle that shall be waged for eternity. Study the infographic presenting fun facts about cats and dogs! Learn about their origin, compare their senses, read about the advantages of keeping them as pets! #cats #dogs #funfacts

Dogs vs. Cats

Cats vs Dogs - clearly don't NEED an infographic for this (dogs win, obvi), but still dig it