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laryngotracheobronchitis "croup" Treat with Young living essential oils Www.theoildropper.com

Croup is breathing difficulty accompanied by a “barking” cough. Croup, which is swelling around the vocal cords, is common in infants and children and can have a variety of causes.

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Mnemonic for seizure causes: Vitamin. V: Vascular (strokes, embolic strokes). I: Infections (meningitis, encephalitis). T: Trauma (head injuries). A: AV malformation. M: Metabolic (hypoglycemia, hypox

Know the treatments for ventricular tachycardia (VT). --- Visit http://4anurse.com for your daily dose of nursing education! --- #nclex #nursing #nclextips #nclex_tips #nurse #nursingschool #nursing_school #nursingstudent #nursing_student

Drugs for Ventricular Tachycardia - Drug of Choice ( Also for Digitalis induced VT ) ( Procainamide is also used ) 【 Magnessium is DOC for Torsades de pointes 】


Chemotherapy toxicities may occur with many chemotherapy agents, even at the usual therapeutic doses . Nearly all chemotherapy agents suppress bone marrow, leading to reduced blood counts and.