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a small cactus with two rings on it's neck and a ring holder in the shape of a cactus
three ceramic bowls with air plants in them on a beige surface, one is white and the other is pink
8 Fun Afternoon DIY Projects Fit for Grownups, Kids, and Everyone in Between
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a christmas ornament hanging on a wooden table with gold ribbon and star decorations
three candles with christmas decorations and pine cones
two ceramic snowmen with black hats and noses
two birds sitting on top of a plaque that says viteute u'naas
Vítejte Ze šamotové hlíny, vhodné i k celoroční venkovní dekoraci. Velikost 15 x 22 cm (vxš).
a wooden sign with flowers and the word vitettec on it's side
Cedulka - vítejte – Potvor - pomáhat tvořit