Growing Plants

Spring and flower science bulletin board idea: Love this growing plants display - very creative! Could do one main flower (sunflower) stem out of a pool noodle and students' art along with it- very cool idea.

Science experiments

Elementary Looking for a simple, fun science experiment you can do at home? Explore the plant cycle in your kitchen!

Ziploc greenhouses ~ Love this free and simple idea!

"My Little Sprout House" a ziplock baggie stapled behind a cute little house. seeds, cotton balls holding water and hang them in a window to watch them sprout and grow. for plants theme

Planting a Flower Garden 18 page Cut and Paste  Worksheet Set

Spring Kindergarten Special Education Autism Cut and Paste Fine Motor Skills

Planting a Flower Garden 18 page Cut and Paste Worksheet Set-All kids love playing in the dirt. And planting a flower garden is a constructive way for them to play in the dirt. This packets contains 18 cut and paste worksheets using a flower garden theme.


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