Dokonalá šťáva zastudena z černého rybízu recept kamarádky Elly od její babičky

šíkový sirup

šíkový sirup

Recept ruskej ľudovej medicíny: Na boľavé kĺby zaberá už po prvom použití

Old Fashion Lemonade Concentrate from the Anne of Green Gables cookbook.they had me at "Anne of Green Gables".

Snadná vychytávka na bolavý krk a záda

No more shriveled-up half-lemons in the crisper bin. No more running to the store for just one lemon. No more lemon-shaped plastic bottles of artificial lemon juice. You can freeze a steady supply of fresh lemon slices, lemon juice and lemon zest to use a

Since she suffered severe pain in the hands decided itself to try with alternative medicine. “A couple of years I lead the fight against pain in the joints and hands and after that doctors diagnosed arthritis caused by the hard work and malnutrition.

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