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30 Indoor Activities for Kids with Autism for Bad Weather Days!

30+ Activities for Kids with Autism | We’ve got over 30 fun ideas, games, and activities to help develop your child’s social skills, speech and communication skills, and gross and fine motor skills, as well as provide him a way to release physical energy and find ways to calm down and self-regulate. Perfect for bad weather days, we’ve included worksheets, task boxes, and art projects! #autism #autismactivities #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting #learningthroughplay

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43 autism quotes to help raise autism awareness while also keeping autism moms and dads inspired and motivated when they're struggling. Autism Education, Autism Parenting, Special Education, Parenting Tips, Autism Mom Quotes, Quotes About Autism, Motivational Quotes For Kids, Inspirational Quotes, Autism Behavior Management

Different Not Less: 43 Autism Quotes to Inspire You

43 Autism Quotes | If you're looking for inspirational quotes about autism awareness and understanding, or you’re a mom or dad with a son or daughter with ASD and you need positive facts and truths to help you stay motivated during the hard times, this post has it all. Whether your child has ‘mild’ high functioning autism or several nonverbal ASD, I hope these uplifting words of encouragement give you the strength to keep advocating for acceptance! #autism #autismquotes #autismawareness