Arm workout for slimmer arms in 6 weeks.  I genuinely like these exercises so I'd probably actually do them :)

I don't know if it truly gives you slimmer arms in 6 weeks, but the workout really works the arms! -- Arm workout for slimmer arms in 6 weeks

Exotic Glitter Cat Eye

Exotic Glitter Cat Eye has a nice girly elegant touch for a night on the town; with brown tones and purple tones. Liquid eyeliner shaped into the cat eye and glitter just to add a girly touch to it.


Eyeshadow Inspiration for Brown Eyes; Black Intense Cat Winged Eyeliner Over Top Lid Smudged Into Bottom Eyeliner, Rusty Brown Eyeshadow blended into bottom with Navy Blue in Crease and Outer Corner blended to bottom with Fake Eyelashes

Zázrak pre vašu pleť: Skúste kvasnice

Fresh yeast to dry yeast conversion and vice versa. Here are the most common yeast packaging sizes depending on the recipe origin:

Starý japonský recept: Jediná dávka týždenne vás omladí o 10 rokov

Japanese women are overwhelmingly women with the smoothest and healthiest skin. Undoubtedly, they need to thank to their genes and habits of traditional cultivation for this privilege. We all know that even the most beautiful skin can appear ugly.

Ako sa zbaviť čiernych bodiek na tvári po domácky

Beauty - Squeeze a lemon and add a tablespoon of baking soda. But of course it depends on the size of your lemon, so just make sure you make a thick creamy paste. (If it's too watery add more baking soda)

13 kozmetických trikov, ktoré by mala vedieť každá žena

13 kozmetických trikov, ktoré by mala vedieť každá žena

Who knew? Make Eyes Appear Bigger - If you don’t already own a white pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick! Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner, use a white pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye.