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"Fire Cloud" in the shape of "Love"
In China, these are called "fire clouds". Every time you pat it, it's in the shape of love. Fire clouds belong to the low cloud category. When the sun is just coming out, or in the evening when the sun is about to set, the clouds in the sky are often red and burning like fire, so they are called fire clouds. #apexel #apexellens #photography
an alley way with buildings lit up in the background at night, and power lines above
the city is lit up at night in the distance
夜散歩のススメ2345「国分寺野川の階段坂、ビル街風景」 : 夜散歩のススメ
the city lights shine brightly in the distance as it stands behind some trees and bushes
夜散歩のススメ1421「マンションポエムパース的な目黒台地」 : 夜散歩のススメ