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Žaneta Bohatová

Žaneta Bohatová
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colorful snakes

Two colourful snakes coiled around each other. The blue contrasts each of the snakes and the backgrounds. This gives them a beautiful appearance and allows them to stand out.

Pitbulls... different colors and shapes... all have one big heart

different colors and shapes. all have one big heart

"Eye of the Needle" rock formation and waterfall on Indian Creek Hiking Trail, Arkansas. Absolutely beautiful area to hike and the trail is part of the Buffalo National River Area in the Ozark Mountains. Photo: Brian Emfinger

"Eye of the Needle" rock formation & waterfall - Indian Creek Hiking Trail, Arkansas Buffalo National River Area


Pit bulls do not fight for sport or because they have a vicious nature. They live to please and are unwaveringly loyal. That's why they will die in the ring. to please their ridiculously disgusting owner.omg looks just like my baby!