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Reading chains: Every time a student finishes a book, they can write their name, title and author of the book on a strip and attach it to their class chain. Perhaps the class with the longest chain at the end of the year could get some type of reward.

Critical Thinking Language Frames hang in every classroom at Lake Myra ES. Free at the link in the blog post.

Critical Thinking Language Frames-great for teaching kids how to really have a conversation-the frames are free and has a rubric

Instant Recliners  :)

During quiet reading time, just have the kids flip their chairs around and give them pillows to lounge on. Read to self pillows!

Blooming in Kinder"garden": A Kindergarten Story: Story Mapping / Fairy Tales

Saved site 1 Blooming In Kindergarden: Fairy Tale Story Mapping. Could be adapted for middle school: add themes, protagonist/antagonist, stereotypes.

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Vyjmenovaná slova po M.

Výsledek obrázku pro vyjmenovana k vybarveni karticky

Standa Shrnovač - karta k rozvoji čtenářské dovednosti

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