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an intricately designed easter egg with swirls and leaves on the side, in black and
three hearts in the shape of a heart
šablona srdce
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor šablona srdce
four drawings of rabbits on white paper with black and white lines in the shape of faces
Funky Easter Bunnies | Wonderbar
Funky Easter Bunnies | Wonderbar
four paintings with different colors and trees on them
Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project (Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists)
Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project | Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists | Bloglovin’
four pictures of snow covered hills and trees with the moon in the sky above them
Zimní krajina - tuš, anilinky, bílá tempera nanášená "uchošťourem" - 2. třída (inspirace z internetu)
two wooden christmas trees sitting in front of a fire place with white stars on them
Green Canoe Style ZIMA 2015/4
#ClippedOnIssuu from Green Canoe Style ZIMA 2015/4
a paper doll made to look like a woman with white hair and blue dress, standing on a wooden floor
four handprints made to look like snowflakes on blue and white paper
Tvoření s dětmi 2016
two toilet paper angel decorations on a shelf
andělé na chůru