And each of their answers fits their personalities as well. Captain America builds everyone up as much as he can; Tony Stark tries to solo as much of life as he can; and Deadpool actively does away with that he deems unnecessary.

When she is not in the mood, but you're still trying.

Why Deadpool is not invited to the Civil War (honestly I'm not sure why people keep pinning this.)<< cause it's fun

I am so doing this the next time it snows.

Disney Pixar Cars in a Parking Lot of Snow: Someone decided to animate all the cars parked in the snow outside! They resemble the cars from the movie "Cars" by

I got one of these a few years ago for my birthday, everytime i caught someone trying to steal a bit id make em buy me more!

Réinventer un classique

Alternative ways to play hangman. I gotta try this the next time I play hangman!

I'm missing The Netherlands :(

My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too < Germany and Ireland though.

Cowls, Laughing

Neil Patrick Harris!

11 Optical Illusions That You'll Look At Over and Over

‘Shake your head’ illusion . If u can cross your eyes u can get the same illusion

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