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create beach waves with a straightener by teresa.skaggs

Another hair trick: How to do beachy waves in less than 5 minutes: Divide your hair into two parts. Twist each section and tie with a hair tie. Run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. Untie twists, and you're done.

Old fashioned bath tub.........when I had this bath tub............I just did not know how lucky I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old fashioned bath tub.when I had this bath tub.I just did not know how lucky I was! Stylish Bath tubs to give your bathroom a look of elegancy.

Small living space, tiny house- wonderful open spaces.

Small Space bedroom interior design ideas - Interior design - Small-spaced apartments often have small rooms. If you have a small bedroom and you don't know how to design it in a manner that isn't crowded. Your room should

Ford AC “Shelby” Cobra

Ford AC Shelby Cobra (OP writes: Saw an AC Cobra in Utau once that appeared to be stainless steel--probably aluminum. The stripes were brushed and the rest of the car polished.