Yuna Bakachan

Yuna Bakachan

I'm a superwholocked otaku and fujoshi girl with obsession with british actors owo I like cute things and I also like creepy things
Yuna Bakachan
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✮ ANIME ART ✮ neko. . .cat girl. . .cat ears. . .cat tail. . .silver hair. . .dress. . .fruit. . .apples. . .grapes. . .flowers. . .nature. . .cute. . .moe. . .kawaii

takeyourmimis:Request by antizits: Nekos with light hairSource:Pixiv: kakao

Cute anime neko girl

Nekomimia luvs pink and is 12 years old in cat years in human she is only 15 in human years old. she is afraid of dogs and prefers being an only child.

1girl animal_ears bare_shoulders detached_sleeves fox_ears fox_mask fox_tail japanese_clothes kimono leaf mask mogumo obi original short_kimono sitting slit_pupils smile solo sunlight tail thighhighs tree white_legwear yellow_eyes

animal ears bare shoulders dappled sunlight detached sleeves fox fox ears fox mask fox tail in tree japanese clothes kimono leaf light rays mask mogumo obi original sash shade short kimono sitting sitting in tree slit pupils smile solo sunbeam sunlig