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an anime character with orange hair and flowers in his hair, wearing a white shirt
萩原ダイスケ on Twitter
four different types of watercolor pencils on paper with the same color and size
If Disney’s Animal Characters Were Drawn As Humans... - FunSubstance
If Disney’s Animal Characters Were Drawn As Humans...
two men in suits are sitting on a toilet and one man is looking at his cell phone
Monsters Inc. - Anime: MIKE, SULLY, BOO & RANDALL
two people sitting next to each other on the ground with text that reads la verdadera amistad es la
an anime character standing next to another character with his hand on his head and one arm behind him
Omg, kill me... it’s cute!!!
an anime character with purple hair and glasses, holding his hand to his ear while looking at the camera
Randy Boggs by dewjar on DeviantArt
Randy Boggs by zerorinn on DeviantArt
an image of a man and woman with animals on their heads in different poses, including the
Flash and Gazelle by @yokoney
some drawings of people with long hair and beards, one in a suit and the other in glasses
yoko-art: personification-zootopia
a drawing of a man in uniform talking on a cell phone
When I have time...SH — Zootopia fanart twitter@yokoney