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a plate with wood slices on it is shown in this image, and has been made to look like an abstract piece of art
Moulthrop Studios
Moulthrop Studios
a wooden plate with an artistic design on it
how to cast wood in resin
how to cast wood in resin - Google Search
a wooden bowl with two black spoons in it and rope around the edge, on a white background
Roped Bowl
Oak bowl, sisal rope with ebony ends. Chestnut finishing oil, buffed 28cm diameter, 10cm deep
a wooden bowl with black lines on it
Woodturning Projects | John Beaver
two black and white bowls with wooden spoons in the middle on a gray background
Woodturning Projects | John Beaver
a wooden bowl with two black handles
Woodturning Projects | John Beaver
three different types of wooden bowls with lines on the inside and outside of each bowl
a wooden bowl on a black background
Sapele Bowl with Maple Stripe - Doug Clark | Fine Woodworking
Sapele Bowl with Maple Stripe - Check out more of my bowls and other projects at my website
three vases and one jar are made out of wood with brown stripes on the sides
Serenity Pet Urn Collection
Serenity Pet Urn Collection. This collection is available in 3 different size. Finely handcrafted in Maple and Black Walnut by an American Artisan.
a large wooden basket sitting on top of a table
Lathe turned segmented "orbit" vase made from mesquite, Peruvian walnut, purple heart and aspen woods. 6" high by 6" diameter.
a wooden box with a red and yellow bow on top, sitting on a white surface
Turned wood urn by Bill Duane Brooks. Made of desert willow, mesquite, purple heart and yellow heart. 6" diameter, 9" height.
a small wooden box with a lid on it's side, sitting on a white surface
Find everything but the ordinary
Artistian Made Wood Turned Bowl with Lid and Finial
a wooden container with a red lid
woodturning photos
Turned vessel What if you turned the handle as a small replica of the box?
a brown and black jar with woodgrain designs on the lid sitting on a white surface
Zebrawood, Wenge, Lacewood & Leopardwood #153