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three different types of cloths are laying on the floor next to each other,
knuffels + tuto / doudoux + tuto
stoffen knuffeldoekje harlekijntje
a pink box with teddy bears and balloons on it
Caixa Milk
a piece of cloth that has been made into an animal head on top of it
Coudre un doudou pour Bébé
Mignon doudou pour Bébé en forme de lapin - BERNINA
four drawings of people with different hair styles and sizes, all drawn in pencil on paper
a teddy bear holding a cupcake with the words you are so sweet on it
four care bears stickers with the words care bears on them and rainbows in the background
Petit insert trofast à remplir Glace italienne. Activité de motricité fine et de transvasement avec la table sensorielle flisat ikea. S'utilise avec des légumes secs etc.... Trofast Ikea
Couvercle insert trofast flisat ikea I INSERTS TABLE SENSORIELLE