The order is alive by on @DeviantArt

One of the authors I admire lonelyzentai has recently dabbled in visual arts, and like her literature they caught my eye this was (loosely) based . The order is alive

Latex-corruption by on @DeviantArt

Latex-corruption by on @DeviantArt

Guilmon Goo TF by on @DeviantArt

*One shot Guilmon TF* So yeah I wasn't planning on uploading this one but after working on it for a couple of days I thought I might as well, I mean it .

37 Large by on @DeviantArt

37 Large by on @DeviantArt

Latex monster attack Part2 by on @DeviantArt

First pic [link] Third pic [coming soon] Latex monster attack

Req: Naga Dragonair Latex TF TG by on @DeviantArt

A quick request from , a boy forced to wear a latex naga dragonair costume , get turned into ones and then controlled by it, Even his gender is changed.

The Claymore vs. THE GOO by on @DeviantArt

Looks like Clare from the Claymore Anime got attacked by some shiny black, gooey, sticky substance. The Claymore vs. THE GOO

making a pony by on @DeviantArt

Cassandra has always had an obsession with "My little ponys" but not the "ive collected every single toy on the planet" kind, more like the "I stay up a. making a pony

Hyd in a bind by on @DeviantArt

More Living latex fun. This time featuring 's OC Hyd. Hyd in a bind

Rubber panther tf 1 by on @DeviantArt

done on my tablet pc, request from a friend on another site, thought i would chuck it on here XD Rubber panther tf 1