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Great blonde bayalage ombre

41 Lob Haircut Ideas For Women - How to Style a Lob (Long Bob) -What is a lob? Step by step easy tutorials on how to cut your hair for a lob haircut and amazing ideas for layered, and straight lobs. Ideas for lobs with bangs, thick hair, wavy and thin hai


Star constellations for a tattoo. This could be really cool, instead of getting kids names get their sign or if they share a name with a constellation/star. Sagittarius fits inside of Pisces.

Butterfly 2

Accessorize with Fiona Richards' beautiful Butterfly Tattly. This colorful design matches with nearly any outfit!

I love this. This isn't a mistake. So what if she's old now. And not 18 anymore. This is a reminder of the good days she had and all of the memories she made. She can look at this and smile, thinking of everything she experienced. So no. Don't tell me my tattoos will look like shit when I'm older. I really do not care. I will not regret my memories.

Forever 18 tattoo on old wrinkled lady, super cute actually, she is young in her heart :) I could see my grama having this lol in case you're wondering what your tattoos will look like when you're old and saggy.

Matching Harry Potter /sibling tattoos. Done in HP font with the famous line "Always". #harrypotter #tattoo #harrypottertattoo #always

Matching Harry Potter Done in HP font with the famous line "Always".