The Phylum Nematoda consists of the species commonly known as roundworms.

Can live as parasites inside plants, animals, and even humans.

Roundworms are in the phylum Nematoda. They are the most common worms in the sea.

most round worms feed on organic debris at the bottom of the sea

Phylum Nematoda

They have a one-way digestive track

Over 20,000 different species have been classified.

Over different species have been classified.

Phylum Nematoda contains Between 10,000 and 25000 species known to man.

Nematodes - domain eukarya kingdom animalia phylum Nematoda, they are also known as round worms. Between and 25000 species. They live in sediment or the tissue of other organisms.

Phylum Nematoda

Diagram on Phylum Nemotoda


Roundworm from Phylum Nemotoda

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