Innovative Teaching with the iPad: Part 1 - As educators settled into the new school year, we saw a resurgence of interest in Glogster Ambassador Joli Barker’s featured blog post, ‘40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU’ ( . Joli offered an encyclopedic selection of exciting uses for Glogster’s online platform, which quickly became one of our most commented on and shared blog posts.

New Design Elements – These graphics are a stylish retro take on the many forms of world media. While typewriters and polaroid cameras are sure to give glogs a sense of vintage Clark Kent style journalism, laptops and smart phones are included to represent modern media sources. Alongside these pieces of technology are vivid tabloid-style headlines, sure to add a certain sense of immediacy to glogging projects such as current events reports, or accounts of historical occurrences. #Glogster

* Glogs are interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, and videos. * Instructions for using this poster program, screen shots with text bubbles, an activity, student exemplars and a marking scheme are included in this PowerPoint lesson

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