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ArtStation - Female assassin, Frank Lee

f Elf Rogue Assassin Fighter multi-class Plate 2 Daggers underdark urban forest hills mountains rough coastal river desert ArtStation - Female assassin, Frank Lee

Female Garret/ Thief

Character inspiration- Gorgeous Thief Cosplay by Lyz Brickley Cosplay Photography By Darshelle Stevens Assistants: Zim Killgore and Sean Brickley-

Great drawing of Ciri, cool armor. Love this character. She's more badass than Geralt even before she becomes a witcher. (art by Klaus Wittmann)

Artistic Rendition of our favourite Targaryen - Um, no. That's Ciri, from the Witcher 3 - ummm that's Aelin/Caelena from Throne Of Glass.