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the cover art for iron maiden's album
Iron Maiden cover art for Women in Uniform, one of the few singles which does not appear on any album. Note that is Eddie standing over the body of Margaret Thatcher, PM at the time. Wish fulfilment fantasy? I used to have this on 12" vinyl. On the B side there was an awesome live version of Phantom of the Opera.
iron maiden's face of mind album cover with chains hanging from the neck and head
Eddie is in a padded cell because he's a mad bastard. they took his brain out... well he doesn't care because he never used it anyway.
the poster for an upcoming event
Iron Maiden-Eddie throughout the years.
an advertisement for iron maiden's upcoming album, featuring a skeleton in the cockpit
Eddie, algo que nos gusta (Iron maiden) - La Ley Del Me...
the cover art for iron maiden's new album, road to destruction is shown
an image of the statue of liberty holding a sign in front of a cityscape
Eddie - JungleKey.fr Image #