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Jason's Observation Hive

I'm thinking of making an indoor observation hive with some flow frames. It would have a bee escape to the outside and glass or Perspex sides. Anyone got plans or pictures of their observation hives?

Demonstration Bee hive.

Give a safe indoor home to some honey bees! In return they will help your garden thrive, and you get a sneak peek into their fascinating secret lives.

A hotel for bees, a support of reflexion for men. The outside faces of the hut are compartments in shape of alveoli. This small shelters are creating micro-h...

The K-abeilles Hotel for Bees is a pavilion built for the 2012 Muttersholtz Archi Festival in France. The giant honeycomb wall is a retreat for wild bees whilst the interior has furniture that reflect the shape of the honeycomb. Designed by AtelierD