Yarn chick craft for kids. Spring craft for preschoolers.

Easter is a great time to do a craft with your kiddos! This Chick Yarn craft is super easy and uses a few items that you may have in your home already!

ATELIER CHERRY: Ovos da páscoa de scrap

Ovos da páscoa de scrap

húsvéti dekor maradék anyagokkal

Get crafty this Easter and make some homemade Faberge eggs. They make great use of your spare buttons and all those scraps of patchwork material.

ovo de galinha decorado para pascoa passo a passo - Pesquisa Google

These are some awesome Easter eggs that would be a great project with you kids.

Bichos | Ovos de páscoa decorados ~ Arte De Fazer | Decoração e Artesanato

Roly-poly Rooster Cut a slice from the bottom of an egg so that it sits flat. Place the egg on feet cut from a red pepper, insert a red pepper cockscomb, and stick on a carrot triangle beak and black sesame seed eyes