Viktorie izáková

Viktorie izáková

Viktorie izáková
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Source: alexschlitz-Snapshots from the Citadel party.- Mass Effect

alexschlitz: “ i had bigger plans for this but i lost steam halfway through so i’m unloading it anyway snapshots from citadel party 🎉🎉 ”

Ambush by Zanariya

Some fanart from the Mass effect trilogy featuring my cusomized Commander Shepard.

Shepard Garrus

Garrus: -let's get back to your room, I must check your flexibility. Shepard: Garrus, we just already been there 10 minutes ago! ^^ S: You're unbear.

Aethyta: I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. Surprised your panties haven’t caught fire. Wherever is the perfect setting for romance for them.

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