To Read or Not to Read!

Metal Stamped Personalised Bookmark - To Read or Not To Read . that is a silly question .

Let's Play Librarian

Sunday Funnies: I play library every Sunday. I don't get to play hide and seek amongst the stacks, but you bet I get my 6 hours of reading in.

While sunning your back dimples. | 25 Proper Ways To Read A Book

Reading is Sexy. That's my boy Jensen! Not only super hot, on my favorite show, and a devoted Christian, he loves to read.

The modern book worm.

"It was a real scroller. I couldn't put down my screen! A real page-turner or real scroller. As long as it's a really good read!

I swear I was doing the dishes..

"I swear I was doing dishes . then my phone went off . and somehow I ended up reading. Somehow I always end up reading!" Yup pretty much!


"book lovers never go to bed alone". it all depends if you get the joke of going to bed with a book and reading in bed .let's hope librarians and book lovers have a sense of humor!

#Writer #Humor. Editor and writer go to dinner.

I'll Call You Back Later Okay? I'm Having Dinner With My Editor. A sharpened pencil end at a candle light dinner with the eraser end o.