aww ^^ soo cute <3 || Bellamy Blake || The 100

*David Attenborough voice* and here we see a sleeping puppy on the set of the 100

Omg look at how Bellamy's face when he looks at her

Everyone else is crying not ready to die hoping she will save them, and Bellamy is just like "DONT HURT MY PRINCESS" he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Most overprotective person ever.♥️♥️that's why I love Bellamy

This isthe moment Bellamy had to decide if they live or die. He decided ro live because it was what Clarke wanted him to do and wanted him to be. He needed to see that he could do decisions like her. He needed to see what it wa like to be in her place so he could understand what she ment when she said that he needs to be the head on his own. And when he decided to leave her behind it seems like he is about to cry. || #the100 #bellarke #bellamyblake

this board has been officially converted to a Bellamy Blake board

i bear it so they dont have to

I will protect Bellamy Blake and Aaron Dingle with my life.