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the book cover for the different cases behind sky and ocean's shared blue color
The Different Causes Behind Sky And Oceans' Shared Blue Color
Many creation myths feature two intertwined primordial entities: the endless expanse of the sky above and the fathomless depths of the ocean below. From the Greeks’ Oceanus and Uranus to the Polynesians’ Tangaroa and Ranginui, humanity's fascination with the cosmic chaos between these two realms is evident.
people walking on the beach with umbrellas in the sand and text that reads 8 of the quirkyest towns in florida
8 Of The Quirkiest Towns In Florida
Famous for its beaches, coral reefs, and world-renowned theme parks, it is easy to see why Florida is the second most visited state in the country. And while the majority come here for famous attractions like Busch Gardens or Universal Studios, this Sunshine State is also home to some of the quirkiest towns in the United States, whose treasures are often overlooked.
an image of the town in new york with text that reads, 12 coziest small towns in new york
12 Coziest Small Towns In New York
Whenever one thinks of visiting New York, a Mid-Atlantic state in the American Northeast, the glitz and internationally famed attractions of New York City first come to mind. However, the innumerable enchanting small towns that dot the 47,126 sq. mi terrain of this pretty state are a stark contrast to the dazzling bright lights and loud sounds of the Big Apple.
the beach is crowded with people and umbrellas
9 Most Charming Small Towns In Portugal
Portugal is one of the most picture-perfect nations in Europe. For starters, it enjoys a long Atlantic coastline consisting of brilliant beaches or ruggedly handsome cliffs. Inland, verdant mountain ranges rise dramatically – high enough for the winter snow to stick around. And no matter the geographical extreme, sunny skies will bless the scene. Portugal also has the oldest borders on the continent, meaning that many distinct empires and epochs have left their mark.
an ocean scene with the words, the different cause behind sky and oceans shared blue color
The Different Causes Behind Sky And Oceans' Shared Blue Color
Many creation myths feature two intertwined primordial entities: the endless expanse of the sky above and the fathomless depths of the ocean below. From the Greeks’ Oceanus and Uranus to the Polynesians’ Tangaroa and Ranginui, humanity's fascination with the cosmic chaos between these two realms is evident.
an ocean scene with the words, the different cause behind sky and ocean's shared blue color
The Different Causes Behind Sky And Oceans' Shared Blue Color
Many creation myths feature two intertwined primordial entities: the endless expanse of the sky above and the fathomless depths of the ocean below. From the Greeks’ Oceanus and Uranus to the Polynesians’ Tangaroa and Ranginui, humanity's fascination with the cosmic chaos between these two realms is evident.
a street with cars parked on the side of it
7 Best Small Towns In Illinois For A Weekend Escape
Industry, liberty, and saucy pizzas so deep that they come with complementary lifeguards; the virtues of Illinois are anything but mundane. Beyond the iconic skyline of Chicago and those legendary, almost-a-casserole pizzas, Illinois is founded on hearty communities where generations of creatives have hailed from.
two cars are driving down the road in front of some buildings and mountains with clouds
14 Off The Beaten Path Towns in North Carolina
North Carolina, known as the Tar Heel State to some, has a plethora of towns that are familiar to people who live as far away as California, Texas, and Florida. Behind these more famous places, there are some towns that are just as exhilarating though, even though they might not be recognized quite as easily. From Bryson City, known as the outdoor adventure capital of the Great Smoky Mountains, to Calabash, nicknamed the seafood capital of the world by some, here are over a dozen towns that f...
an aerial view of a city surrounded by trees in the fall with leaves turning colors
Top 7 Places To Visit In Connecticut In The Fall
The colors of fall often mesmerize folks with the red and golden hues of leaves, the crisp air, and the harvest season. The often underrated state of Connecticut is no stranger to this beauty! Featuring both active fall festivities and calm getaways from bustling college towns, these destinations have the best of both worlds and are ideal for a fall on the East Coast. Each destination tells a different story of the culture and landscape of the town. From avant-garde architecture in New Canaan...
a river running through a lush green forest filled with trees and mountains in the background
10 Top Places To Visit In Utah In The Fall
Utah is an exciting place to visit at any time of the year. In fall, however, it is not as crowded in the state as other seasons, even though there is still an abundance of things to see and do at this time of the year. Fall in Utah is incredibly beautiful and comes with unique experiences like leaf peeping, Halloween events, and shopping at a local farmer’s market. With its great weather, fall is also arguably the best time to explore the incredible attractions Utah offers, some of which inc...
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
14 Most Beautiful Small Towns In Nebraska You Should Visit
Often celebrated for its key role in America's westward expansion, Nebraska holds more than just historical significance. This gem in the heartland of America invites explorers to step off the beaten path and discover its array of hidden treasures. From its undulating prairies to the small towns brimming with cultural richness and historical narratives, Nebraska promises more than meets the eye. It's a state where nature converses with history, and every sunset paints a story against the vast...
an old red brick building on the corner of a street with cars parked in front
The Most Unique Towns in Missouri
Admitted to the Union in 1821, the “Show Me State” of Missouri is a key part of the Midwestern United States known for its integral role in the expansion of America. With a human history dating back thousands of years and loads of stunning natural wonders, including the Missouri River, the State and its pretty towns are indeed treasures for anyone to discover. From musical genres to Civil War stories and more, Missouri’s unique towns are great examples of quintessential Americana. So prepare ...
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
13 Top Places To Visit In Michigan In The Fall
Many plan a visit to the best fall places in Michigan to witness leaves transition and to explore wildlife. With so many opportunities to experience in Michigan, things like leaf-peeping through the paths to Hungarian Falls and watching the beautiful waterfalls flowing into the pool are the start of what is at one’s fingertips. Beautiful colored rock cliffs of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore look ravishing as paddled through the waters or by hiking along the lush forests. Taking time to...
an empty street with cars parked on the side and clouds in the sky above it
14 Most Scenic Indiana Towns
Whenever one thinks of visiting Hoosier State, Indianapolis - its capital and largest city, is the first place that comes to mind. However, outside the urban reach of Indiana’s populated cities, there are innumerable scenic towns sprinkled all over this Midwestern US State. Each of these idyllic towns has its distinctive charm, boasting picturesque natural surroundings, numerous admirable ancient architectures, lively art scenes, a variety of locally-owned businesses, and unique annual celebr...
a river surrounded by mountains and trees
Top Places To Visit In Northern California In The Fall
Northern California is often associated with its tourist destinations, ranging from San Francisco’s infamous Golden State Bridge, to the bustling city of Santa Cruz, whose boardwalk and beaches host around 3 million visitors every year. But alongside these iconic tourist attractions, California’s north is also home to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the state, and in the country. From Yosemite National Park’s vast glacial valley, to South Lake Tahoe’s massive alpine lake, ...
a group of people crossing the street at a crosswalk with a dog on it
These Small Towns in Pennsylvania Come Alive in Fall
Pennsylvania is home to several small towns that grant an authentic fall atmostphere at this time of the year. From admirable architecture with rich history to scenic landmarks and parks, there's a lot to expect in Pennsylvania small towns. Exploration in historic museums encourages learning about the compelling story of the battle of Gettysburg embedded in Gettysburg National Battlefield.
an empty road in the desert with mountains in the background and blue sky above it
11 Most Scenic Road Trips To Take In South Dakota
The Great Plains region was once the beating heart of North America. The roaming buffalo enabled the spread of fauna, building havens for migrating birds. The arrival of settlers has changed much of the state of South Dakota, but its natural beauty and history are something travelers can experience and cannot be erased. The highways and byways below are great ways to witness the beautiful state while taking in the incredible past of the state. South Dakota lends a breathtaking canvas for road...
a man riding a motorcycle next to a green sign on the side of a road
These Small Towns In New Hampshire Were Ranked Among US favorites
New Hampshire is known for its independent spirit, with its famous state slogan being, "Live Free or Die." Despite being the ninth smallest state in America, it still holds some of the most unique geographical features. One of the most notable locations is White Mountains State Park, a famous spot for ski enthusiasts or those wanting to glimpse changing fall foliage.
an aerial view of a waterfall surrounded by trees in fall colors, with blue water running between the falls
Best Places to Visit in the Southern United States in the Fall
The south, beautiful throughout the year, is resplendent in the fall. It receives its falltime attire later than its northern counterpart, after the summer greens surrender the stage to glittering yellow poplars, scarlet dogwoods, orange maples, and golden hickories. With blanked mountains and sparkling rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, it is a patchwork quilt through state parks and national forests. These nine destinations engulf you in a daze of colors, among family-friendly attractions and w...
an old building with a steeple on the top and a flag pole in front
The Least-Crowded Towns In Indiana To Catch Fall Foliage
Indiana is a great state to view fall foliage in the Midwest. With its many apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and farm land that transforms into corn mazes during autumn, the Hoosier State provides unforgettable fall getaways. Although Brown County is the state’s go-to destination for fall foliage due to its thousands of acres of beautiful forests, there are far less crowded towns in Indiana ready to be explored in the autumn. From water views in the northern town of Bristol to the southwester...
three people standing on top of a mountain looking out at the valley and mountains below
Top Places To Visit In The Adirondack Mountains In The Fall
The Adirondack Mountains formed almost 1 billion years ago from the movement of tectonic plates in shallow seas. The doming and sculpting by glaciers in the ice age have formed the mountains in the area that is currently known as Grenville Orogeny. The decades of precipitation and change in climate have brought immense biodiversity to the Adirondack Mountains, contributing to its scenic views, thick forests, and unique animal life.
people crossing the street at an intersection with cars and palm trees in the background, as the sun sets
Discover The Largest Cities In California
As European settlers ventured into California, they encountered a thriving Native American population of over 130,000. The influence of missionaries and their efforts to convert the indigenous people to Christianity played a pivotal role in shaping the prosperous California known today, as documented in the Britannica Historical Overview of California. However, the first recorded drastic population increase in California is attributed to the discovery of gold during the infamous Gold Rush per...
pink and white tulips in front of a pond with a windmill behind it
13 Small Towns In Iowa Were Ranked Among US Favorites
Iowa is a beautiful, extensive state best known for its farmland and massive corn fields. In fact, Iowa has over thirty million acres of farmland in its borders and plenty of open land and natural sites to explore. However, that's not all this lovely location has to offer those who take a trip out to the Midwest. Iowa has a rich heritage mainly based on Norwegian, Dutch, and Danish settlers of the 1800s. Plenty of fascinating small communities stretch through Iowa, known for their welcoming a...
a river running through a lush green hillside next to a road with mountains in the background
12 Off The Beaten Path Idaho Towns
Idaho has slices of mountains here and plains there. A piece of the Cascadia bioregion blows into its borders. There is no debating that Idaho is stunning. The problem is that the secret is out. Some former low-key favorites are now full-fledged tourist towns. Worry not: the Idaho you love is too beautiful to ever disappear. For your next trip to the gem state, stick to these off-the-beaten-path towns and rest easy knowing you dodged the crowds.
a wooden bridge crossing over a river in front of some rocks and trees with orange flowers on them
8 Least-Crowded Towns In Arizona To Catch Fall Foliage
Arizona's fall foliage is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered for a tranquil and less crowded autumn escape. With its desert landscapes, sprawling forests, and majestic mountains, Arizona offers a unique fall experience that is unlike any other. Since the state is often overlooked for its fall foliage, visitors can enjoy smaller crowds than in more popular fall locations, such as New England.
a statue of a horse is on the sidewalk
9 Most Underrated Cities In Utah
Mountain landscapes, striking red-rock formations, amazing natural parks, and vibrant cities make Utah one of the most visited states in the US. The "Beehive State" definitely has something to offer everyone looking for adventure no matter what the season. However, places like Salt Lake City and Park City frequently steal the spotlight, while there are a plethora of hidden marvels that deserve your attention as well. Embark on a quest to find Utah's most underrated cities — locations where th...
an old western town has been painted on the side of the road and is surrounded by trees
These Small Towns in New Mexico Come Alive in Fall
a lake surrounded by lots of trees with fall foliage on the shore and blue sky in the background
8 Least-Crowded Towns In Virginia To Catch Fall Foliage
For travelers who desire an especially scenic treat this fall, look no further than the state of Virginia! From ancient caverns to country music festivals, these towns will make your fall foliage experience special this year. The following towns are relatively low in population and far from major cities and crowded towns. Their desirable locations along the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valleys have made their terrain unique and mesmerizing, especially in the lovely autumn season.
cars are parked on the street in front of buildings with mountains in the back ground
13 Prettiest Towns In Montana
Travelers hoping for a rejuvenating vacation may not consider Montana at the top of their list. Although, this is unfortunate since Montana is one of the most beautiful regions of the U.S., with some surprisingly pretty towns. Much of the state remains natural and rugged, meaning tourists can experience a truly wild and wonderful adventure immersed in some of the country's best national and state parks.
the view from top of a mountain looking down on a river and mountains in the distance
Best Places To Visit In Upstate New York In The Fall
Travelers come from around the world to experience the lively energy and beautiful scenery that Upstate New York offers, but autumn delights like no other time of year. Upstate New York offers a magical fall experience, overflowing with outdoor areas chock full of golden yellow and vibrant red leaves. State parks, national parks, and charming small towns abound with opportunities for outdoor recreation, as well as classic fall events and festivals, ideal for indulging in the beauty and scrump...
an aerial view of a waterfall surrounded by trees in the fall with orange and green foliage
Top Places To Visit In Oklahoma In The Fall
Oklahoma is one of the most underrated states in the US. But not many know that this state is home to some of the most diverse landscapes and natural attractions in the country. In the fall, the entire state becomes incredibly beautiful as it gets overwhelmed with picturesque fall foliage. In addition to the incredible transformation, the weather also becomes so conducive, and being one of the least visited states in the country also means the destinations will be less crowded. This amazing c...
two people sitting on top of a mountain looking out at the valley and forest below
10 Top Places To Visit In Maryland In The Fall
Check out the best places to witness the transition of leaves and weather in Maryland, including reservoirs, parks, and small scenic towns such as Liberty Reservoir, Gunpowder Falls State Park, and Chestertown. There are plenty of things to do here, like hiking in the trails and loop of Gunpowder Falls State Park and Swallows Falls State Park, discovering animals such as flying deer and raccoons in Sugarloaf Mountain, and bird watching in Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge. Discover various species...
a wooden sign that says big things in a small town with a ruler on it
13 Off The Beaten Path Illinois Towns
While Chicago is the first place that often comes to mind when you think of Illinois, the state has several small towns, from those with over 40,000 population, like Elmhurst, to small-populated towns with just over 900 residents, like Nauvoo. These towns are unique destinations with different landmarks that define them, like the former home of President Ulysses in Galena, the Lincoln/Stephen Douglas Debate site in Ottawa, and the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst.
an empty street with cars parked on both sides
12 Most Scenic Towns in Alabama
In the Heart of Dixie, Alabama has it all. From mountains, deep canyons, meandering rivers, and dense forests, Alabama is a state known for its freshwater diversity. The 22nd state is also home to a diverse collection of unique small towns. Here are 12 of the most scenic towns in Alabama. With a population of roughly 50 people, Mooresville is the smallest on this list. But just because it's small doesn't mean it isn't bursting with charm and history! The entire town is listed on the National...
the mountains are covered in colorful trees and snow
7 Top Places To Visit In The Rockies In The Fall
While the Rockies offer breathtaking views in the summer, come fall, with the changing color of leaves, the Rockies are even more beautiful. The aspen trees change from green to golden enchanting mountain forests. Wildlife, such as bison and elk, get ready to migrate for winter. In the fall, there is much to do in the Rockies. From hiking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to tasting Wine in Delta County, Colorado, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you are thinking of packing a bag and goin...
the sun is setting in the mountains with trees and grass on the hillside below it
These 7 Small Towns in North Dakota Come Alive in Fall
While the most popular states to experience fall in the US tend to be Vermont, and Michigan, North Dakota is an underrated state, with spectacular fall views. The state has everything from gorgeous fall foliage to bustling small-town festivals that celebrate the harvest season. Many of North Dakota's small towns come alive in the fall. Discover Bismarck for its pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Take a trip to Bottineau, another charming North Dakota town where fall brings stunning, golden hues ...
a city street with cars parked on the side of it and a clock tower in the background
The Least-Crowded Towns In Ohio To Catch Fall Foliage
As the leaves begin to change, visitors want to escape the biggest crowds and immerse themself in Ohio's spectacular fall colors. Some of the state's most scenic areas for leaf peeping can get overrun on weekends. However, in between the Appalachian hills and river valleys, lie small towns waiting to be discovered. Steeped in historic architecture and rustic design, provide for the viewings of the leaves changing. From college villages, like Athens in southeast Ohio's forests, to river getawa...
an aerial view of a small town surrounded by mountains and trees in the fall season
The Least-Crowded Towns In Oregon To Catch Fall Foliage
Leave the crowds behind and enjoy the colors of fall in these Oregon towns. The vibrant colors of fall are present throughout most of Oregon and many enjoy the shifting of hues that blaze in the daylight. For some people, the massive crowds that gather to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the fall foliage are kind of hard to deal with. This is why a lot of people end up making their way toward the smaller, lesser-known towns where fall is in full sway, but are far less crowded.
an image of a campus with trees and buildings in the background
7 Top Places To Visit In Indiana In The Fall
The state of Indiana, located in the heartland of the American Midwest, is a major agricultural producer. But, along with ample farmland, the "Hoosier State" includes bustling cities, stunning lakeshores, and lots of big attractions tucked away in its many small towns. During fall, when the leaves turn, the weather cools, and the autumn festivals (and football games) get underway, Indiana truly shines as a great place to explore. To get inspired for your first (or next) visit to Indiana, chec...
the city skyline is lit up at sunset with colorful clouds in the sky above it
Top Places To Visit In The Pacific Northwest In The Fall
Stretching along the Oregon Coast to the Washington Mountains and inland into the wilderness of Idaho, the PNW region is irreplicable to experience at least once in your life. Waking up one day in the fall with untamed wilderness through beating ocean waves and the next with stark scenery and views for days under the clear skies is a real emotional rollercoaster.
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees and water in the background,
14 Off The Beaten Path Towns in New York
Sometimes, it is fine to visit popular vacation spots and roll with the crowds. There is some safety in big names; some excitement with big numbers. Other times, however, you want to go the road less traveled; to be the pathfinder and the quintessential discoverer. Fortunately, the Empire State, as the State of New York is known, brims with several off-the-beaten-path towns first-time visitors often get mindblown with. Many of these are cute, little gems boasting quaint downtowns, red-brick b...
an ocean view with rocks and trees in the foreground
12 Off The Beaten Path Maine Towns
Maine is well known as a place to get away from landlocked areas and experience the enchanting coast. People are drawn to its rocky coastline, pristine wilderness, and quaint coastal towns. Destinations such as Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and Old Orchard Beach usually steal the spotlight, drawing crowds and turning would-be-quiet towns into bustling hot spots for vacationers. However, for those seeking a more authentic and quiet adventure, Maine is home to a plethora of tranquil hidden ...
an aerial view of a city and the ocean at sunset
14 Most Scenic Towns on the Gulf Coast
The glorious Gulf Coast stretches itself in a massive U along the coastal states of the Southern United States. The aptly named Gulf States are Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, each offering unique views of the Gulf of Mexico. The small towns on the Gulf Coast are a massive tourist draw. They offer soul-enriching arts and culture, premium entertainment, access to state parks, and gorgeous weather. The beaches are less crowded, and the water is warm. The architecture will k...
an empty street with shops and cars parked on the side walk in front of it
The Most Unique Towns in Wyoming
Despite having a number of important geographic features, Wyoming is one of only three US states that features almost entirely straight borders. And although it’s the country’s tenth largest state, Wyoming also has the distinction of being America’s least populated state, with just 576,851 people calling the “Cowboy State” home.
an aerial view of a bridge spanning the width of a river
13 Most Scenic Towns in Missouri
The landlocked US State of Missouri, situated in the country’s Midwestern region, is esteemed for its diverse terrain characterized by the four geographical regions: fertile Mississippi Alluvial Plains, forested Ozark Highlands, Dissected Till Plains, and the Osage Plains. Even though bigger urban metropolises like Jefferson City, Kansas City, Branson, and St. Louis showcasing its 630-foot-tall Gateway Arch enchant thousands of local and international tourists, the innumerable scenic small to...
a house is surrounded by water and trees
These Small Towns in Louisiana Come Alive in Fall
As October hits, the leaves are changing colors across the nation. Nature lovers follow the fall foliage trail to catch some of the most spectacular views. Louisiana has incredible fall colors and serene scenery. Since it is a southern state, the best time to see fall foliage is the end of October and the beginning of November. Beyond foliage, in Louisiana, you can see one of the oldest giant cypress trees in Bastrop. There are also charming markets and an art festival to enjoy in Covington. ...
cars parked on the side of a street in front of buildings with mountains in the background
10 Most Scenic Towns in Washington
Washington is one of the most naturally abundant states in America, and its geographical setting in the north plays a crucial element in why Washington is home to some of the most charming small towns. The Evergreen State boasts over 3000 waterfalls in the area according to the World Waterfall Database, and a range of environmental settings ranging from the hidden natural paradise of Snoqualmie to the agricultural center of Walla Walla and the waterfront vacation town of Gig Harbor.
several boats are docked in the water with city lights in the background
Discover The Largest Cities In Florida
In recent years, Florida has emerged as one of the fastest-growing states, a remarkable transformation from its historical roots to the Spanish colonial era. Following the First Treaty of Paris in 1763, Florida exchanged hands from Spanish rule to the British Empire in return for Spanish Cuba and the Philippines, both under British control then. However, it wasn’t until 1821 that Florida declared its independence, marking the beginning of its cultural and economic evolution, which truly bloss...
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
Astorga, Spain
Astorga is a municipality of just over 11,000 residents (as of the most recent 2018 estimates) in Northwestern Spain. This former Roman settlement (still partially encircled by the ancient, albeit reconstructed walls) is the capital of the traditional county, Maragatería, within the province of León, which itself is within the autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is here that two of the Camino de Santiago routes converge: the East-West Camino Frances and the North-South Via de la Plata...
a street scene with focus on the storefronts and stores across the street from each other
These Small Towns in Oklahoma Come Alive in the Fall
Oklahoma is an ideal fall destination for anyone looking to have a good time on a budget this season. In addition to offering some truly magnificent autumn views, the “Sooner State” is also one of the most affordable getaways in the US, according to Travel and Leisure magazine. From state parks filled with fall foliage to various fall-themed festivals, there’s always something exciting to see or do in Oklahoma’s small towns. So bust out those cozy sweaters and get ready for an autumnal advent...
a boat dock in the middle of a lake surrounded by trees with fall foliage on it
The Least-Crowded Towns In Wisconsin To Catch Fall Foliage
When you think about Badger State, America's Dairyland, Wisconsin, you picture lush wilderness parks and pristine northern nature displaying fall colors before any other. Only some remember the shoreline, an integral part of the state's history, and we bet you didn't know that the state's motto is "Forward!" These twelve towns welcome visitors warmly near Wisconsin's many iconic state parks and landmarks, like Holly Hills, staying crowdless in the fall months.
a church on the side of a river surrounded by trees with fall foliage around it
7 Least-Crowded Towns In West Virginia To Catch Fall Foliage
If you are looking for a calm fall retreat on the East Coast, you should check out these towns in West Virginia! These towns are low in population, meaning they are ideal if you are looking for quiet places without crowds to visit. To fully enjoy the foliage, make sure you visit during October and November to enjoy peak color, breezy weather, and the spooky season!
an old truck is driving down the street in front of some buildings and people on motorcycles
14 Most Scenic Towns on the Atlantic Coast
The salty air of the East is calling. Smell the cheeses and seafood melting together. Listen for the gulls plotting to steal your fries. Every state along the East coast has something to offer. Sometimes the smaller the scene, the better the experience. Pick someone special to share these views of the Atlantic with. These towns are unique minute-to-minute, tide-to-tide. Each are distinct from each other and each visit is a novel experience.
houses on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees with fall colors in the background
Top 10 Places To Visit In Southern California In The Fall
Southern California is a quintessential falltime oasis where the mild temperatures, clear days, and sunshine highlight the vivid transformation that is slightly delayed but right on time, according to Mother Nature, and for all of you who haven't had the chance to escape and drool over the scenery.
an aerial view of a river surrounded by trees in the fall with colorful foliage on both sides
Top 10 Places To Visit In Minnesota In The Fall
Minnesota overflows with charming towns and breathtaking destinations. It is well known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and marries a diverse collection of urban and rural landscapes, ranging from the Twin Cities to its 11,842 lakes. Minnesota's beauty erupts in fall as colorful foliage reflects off the glistening waterways, small towns come alive with autumnal festivities, and the crisp air offers a refreshing breeze, perfect for hiking and exploring. Pick your own apples, attend a harvest fes...
an aerial view of a river running through a town surrounded by mountains and fall foliage
The 7 Least-Crowded Towns In Massachusetts To Catch Fall Foliage
These Massachusetts towns are the best places to visit if you're looking for calm and scenic fall foliage. From scenic dunes in Cape Cod to traditional hikes on the Appalachian Mountains, there are plenty of activities you can participate in to make the most out of your fall retreat. The fall vibes in these towns are not to be missed, with peak color happening from late September to early November.
the buildings are decorated in different colors and designs
14 Most Scenic Towns in Georgia
If you love exploring, then the state of Georgia is a great destination for your next trip. The state of Georgia has everything from beautiful waterfalls to hearty southern food and a vibrant art scene. Georgia has breathtaking mountain scenery and relaxing beaches in the United States' southern-eastern region. Georgia is filled with incredible small towns where you'll find quirky boutiques, delectable Southern food, and a whole lot of charm. Here are 14 of Georgia's most scenic towns.
people are walking around in front of the beach side shops and restaurants at an amusement park
11 Off The Beaten Path Towns in Florida
Boasting the longest coastline in the contiguous USA, Florida is best known as the quintessential beach destination. The Sunshine State is sandwiched between the Atlantic coast on one side — and the Gulf Coast on the other. No other state in America shares that privilege. Then again, Florida is dotted with numerous small towns, some of which have a history older than that of the United States. Think St. Augustine, America’s oldest city. While some of these towns are well-established vacation ...
a white light house sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to trees
11 Prettiest Towns In Mississippi
Mississippi, the 32nd-largest and 35th-most populous state in the American Southeast, is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Alabama to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Arkansas and Louisiana across the mighty Mississippi River to the west. With a picturesque Gulf Coast and luxuriant forests, Mississippi is one of the United States’ most gorgeous and alluring destinations. Although the state capital, Jackson, and other big metropolises like Gulfport and Southaven draw thousands ...
a large red and white boat sitting in the water
7 Most Unique Delaware Towns
Delaware, known as The First State, has played a vital role in American history, culture, and art. The state is also home to some of the most unique towns on the East Coast, making it a popular destination amongst tourists. The most unique towns are scattered around Sussex County and southern Delaware due to the rich biodiversity and historical significance of these areas, which witnessed some of the oldest running ferries, inns, and museums.