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Caleb hair by Ade_Darma at TSR • Sims 4 Updates

New Hair mesh ll 27 colors ll Support HQ mod ll no morph ll smooth bones assignment ll support with hats ll All LODs ll with Ambient Occlusion/Shadow Map Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Male Hairstyles'

Long beards by Tigerone35 at L’UniverSims • Sims 4 Updates

Long beards by at L’UniverSims via Sims 4 Updates

Lumia Lover Sims: Heartbreaker hairstyle • Sims 4 Downloads

Special thanks to niteskkysims for making this hair BG compatible because I don’t own LP Stuff (and I don’t plan to). This hair was in desperate need of a mesh edit, so here it is. You don’t need LP Stuff to.

Blackys Sims 4 Zoo: Dreamy Flip hair blonde by Mammut • Sims 4 Downloads

Blackys Sims 4 Zoo's Recolor Dreamy Flip hairstyle blonde Short hairstyles for Males ~ Sims 4 Hairs

valhallansim: “ Overwatch sprays converted into wall stickers for the Sims I made this as a little project in between larger ones (a giant build and the qunari horns that will be coming asap) to.

Junk: an Overwatch conversion of Bastion's, Hanzo's, Junkrat's, Widowmaker's, Torbjörn's and Mei's sprays by Valhallan

“ Junk: an Overwatch conversion of Bastion’s, Hanzo’s, Junkrat’s, Widowmaker’s, Torbjörn’s and Mei’s sprays by Valhallan ”