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the collage shows many different types of food
22 genialne pomysły na podanie jajek!
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watermelon slices cut into pieces and placed on top of each other to make a boat
How to Carve a Watermelon Into a Pirate Ship
someone is cutting up apples in the shape of cars on a wooden table with a laptop behind them
New Nostalgia
Fun With Food For Kids | New Nostalgia
four white plates topped with fruit shaped like animals and fruits in the shape of faces
Animal-Shaped Fruit Snacks Ideas |
Turn healthy fruit snacks into adorable circus animal faces -- no special knife skills or kitchen gadgets required. Simple for mom and so much fun for kids!
two crab shaped fruits on a plate with words for you good morning
Крабик Боб и крошка Лилу ♥️ Часть вторая, свадебная P.S. Кто за то, чтобы натворить им маленьких карапузов, в следующей серии? #dakotasky_art #foodart
three little birds made out of cucumbers and carrots on a green plate
Fun Dancing Ducks Recipe ~ Jajaja oiii q bonitos los patitoooosss!!! Super bonita idea xa que los niños coman de todo.
a white plate topped with an orange and blueberry fruit face next to blackberries
Healthy Halloween party food Blueberry Witch
a white plate topped with fruit and vegetables on top of a yellow table next to a tree made out of crackers
make fun of lunch!
Creative Kid Snacks
a plate that has fruit in the shape of a bird on top of grapes and cherries
Red is ready to go.... Red gitmeye hazır... Cornelian cherry,cheese, olive, carrot, parsley. Kızılcık, peynir, zeytin, havuç, maydanoz #red #angrybirds #birds #cheese
two breakfast sandwiches with fruit on them and the words, delightfully happy breakfast sandwiches
Breakfast Sandwiches for Kids: A Delightfully Happy Idea
Start your day with a little fun! Turn Jimmy Dean Delights Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches into happy faces using fruit for an easy meal your kids will love.