Obrovsky Wojta

Obrovsky Wojta

Obrovsky Wojta
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How Long You Can Freeze Various Foods For in One Giant Chart

Know how long food is good for in the freezer, plus a Vacuum Sealer is up for grabs w/ labels! Frozen Food - Recommended Storage Times by sharon.

Figo Lime Futon with White Frame : Constructed as a chaise lounge that spreads flat into a comfy sleep surface. Featuring a soft, durable mattress cover with integrated pillow. The convertible design is quite contemporary and a very practical option.

Off Grid- never alone, I'll always have him and my kids.

Off the Grid Living. Alternative energy production for homes and vehicles. Passive solar, wind, biomass, energy efficient homes, solar panels ovens concentrators.

Green Bridge House  1,184 square feet   Max Pritchard Architect   Ashbourne, Australia    According to Small Eco Houses, the Bridge House was built for a client who didn't want to spoil the natural beauty of their property. So the architects came up with a rectangular design that bridged over a small stream.

Bridge House by Australian architect Max Pritchard bridges the gap between innovation and architecture. Is it a bridge? Is it a house? This cool, modern design is both.