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a bulletin board with words and notes on it that say stop, think, and jot
a poem written to children about their parents
End of Year Memory Book letter to Students and Parents
the google chromebook expectations checklist is shown in black and white with an image of a laptop on it
Set Student Expectations for Your 1 to 1 Classroom with Google Chromebooks using this Free Poster - Classroom Freebies
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, how are we learning?
classroom expectations | learning
three brown paper bags with instructions for getting to know you show and tell bag on them
the end of year step forward activity is shown in this freebie printable worksheet
End of Year Game and FREEBIE
End the year with a bang! Celebrate all the hard work your classroom has done this year with this fun and interactive end of year game. Keep your students engaged and motivated to the very end of the school year with this classic classroom activity.