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a black and white drawing of a cloud with raindrops on the side,
Fiches pour apprendre à découper : entailler une feuille de papier
Découper une feuille de papier : la pluie
four heads of lettuce with green leaves in the middle and blue circles around them
four images of purple eggplant on a white background
four pictures of green beans in the middle of three circles, each with different shapes and sizes
four yellow bell peppers with green stems on each one, and six smaller ones in the middle
an apple made out of plastic cups
TAPONES DE PLÁSTICO (17) - Imagenes Educativas
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a child's play table with legos on it
Blocks color and size matching | Nursery activities, Toddler learning activities, Daycare activities
Blocks color and size matching | Actividades sensoriales infantiles, Juegos educativos para niños, Juegos sensoriales para niños
children are playing with beads on a table
Flex The Brain Muscle : Indoor Activities To Promote Motor Development Of Kids | Toddler learning activities, Montessori activities, Preschool crafts