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Wiesner-Hager office inspiration

Wiesner-Hager is a leading office furniture company. Our mission is to inspire our costumers for better life in their workspaces.
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skill and and noi chairs looking really good together. lightweighted and clean design is always a must in Wiesner-Hager.


element is our modular upholstered furniture programme. it was specially developed for lounge and collaboration zones in open-plan offices.


pulse is a classic piece of seating furniture for business lounges and communication areas as well.

nooi chairs and clip table. the impressive, clear design of clip is evident in every last detail of the product. clip is foldable table, such an amazing function.

poi chair is an amazing design addition to your office.

paro_2 swivel chair is Wiesner-Hager bestseller. paro_2 offers excellent seating comfort – at a consistently high quality level.

paro_2 chairs and pure table by Wiesner-Hager.

pulse table & ayo conference chairs are perfect match.

"pulse" - classy piece of seating furniture. comfort&design = winwin

"nooi" is Wiesner-Hager stacking chair with an interlocking frame to link the chairs together. quick&easy. Red dot award 2015.