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The World's number 1 brick manufacturer- Wienerberger brings you Porotherm walls, made from Resource Efficient Brick (REB), Porotherm Horizontally Perforated Clay bricks whose design allows maximum thermal insulation with almost 60% less resource usage than other conventional walling materials.
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Choose Porotherm walls for a cool and comfortable living experience!


Porotherm VP- Load Bearing Bricks Ideal for up to G+3 houses Save on structural costs by using our strong and robust Porotherm VP for your walls...


Porotherm Clay Brick is an innovative product especially developed for the changing climates assisting in keeping indoors comfortable & pleasant. The product is innovated considering the most positive deliverables for a walling material to contribute as: •A natural product providing quality construction •Light weight •Cooler brick •Ease to handle •High strength •Easy installation of appliances & fixtures


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60% less weight than a solid concrete block • Compressive strength >35 kg/cm2 • Density of approx.694 - 783 kg/m3 • Large size & low weight • Excellent thermal insulation • Water absorption

Porotherm Clay Bricks come in 3 sizes along with half bricks: L X W X H Weight(Kg) 400 x 200 x 200 mm 11.1 400 x 150 x 200 mm 8.8 400 x 100 x 200 mm 6.3