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how to make mom's style dry rub ribs
How to Make Memphis Style Ribs
When making Memphis Style Ribs, it's all about the dry rub. The rub of pepper and spices is your source of flavor since this is a rib that doesn’t rely on a BBQ sauce. A light mop sauce of vinegar is most often used during cooking, but I like to use apple juice.
closeup of chicken wings with sauce and lemon wedges
Smoked Chicken Legs
Smoked Chicken Legs - Kitchen Laughter
2h 5m
several pieces of meat on a white plate
Smoked Drumsticks | My Trim Kitchen
chicken legs cooking on the grill with other meats being cooked in it's back end
Smoked Chicken Legs
Smoked Chicken Legs - A deliciously easy way to cook chicken drumsticks! They are a little smoky, full of flavor from a quick spice rub, and tangy from your favorite barbecue sauce.
chicken wings and cucumbers with dipping sauces on a wooden platter, ready to be eaten
How to Smoke Chicken Drumsticks - Chiles and Smoke
Smoked Chicken Drumsticks - Chiles and Smoke
a piece of meat sitting on top of a cutting board next to a knife
Texas-Style Smoked Pork Belly - Chiles and Smoke
smoked baby back ribs on a cutting board with mustard
Tender Smoked Baby Back Ribs
These smoked baby back ribs are just fall-apart tender and incredibly juicy. The meat is so succulent and moist that they literally slide off the bone at the slightest tug and impart the richest and meatiest flavor you've ever had. Via @umamiology
chicken halves are being cooked on the grill
Smoked Chicken Halves
dried beef strips on a wooden cutting board
How To Make Jerky In A Pellet Smoker
How To Make Jerky In A Pellet Smoker –
grilled ribeye steak on a cutting board with rosemary sprigs and the title smoked ribeye
The BEST Smoked Ribeye- Easy, Tender, and Juicy + Video
1h 35m
pork chops are cooking on the grill, and then being grilled with butter
Reverse Sear Pork Chops | Vindulge
Reverse Sear Smoked Pork Chops are smoked first for that awesome flavor, and then finished hot and fast to medium rare for a perfectly cooked pork chop.
1h 5m