–story: i was killed by seven–

"they killed me. there was seven of them. and they were too tempting." #storyinspiration
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the words i am the villain of this story written in white on a black background
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a black and white image of a skeleton holding a knife in one hand while wearing a skull headdress
a glass of red wine sitting on top of a white table next to a shadow
75 Hilarious Mother’s Day Quotes to Brighten Any Mama’s Day
Betrayal, Crime, Sayings, Humor, Truth
two hands reaching towards each other with their fingers extended out to touch the other hand
a black and white photo with some type of writing on it's back ground
a person wearing a mask and holding a bottle in front of their face with the caption, nothing just chillin'kill
a person walking in the snow with bare feet
the words i will be brutaal are in white on a black background,
a newspaper with the word death written on it's front and back pages in red ink
Han(nah) Solo
the court to andrew; after "the fall" || the court
an angel statue with its wings spread out and hands raised in front of the camera