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a movie poster for the film fly paper with two images of a man and woman
Ashley Judd
Flypaper (2011)
the movie druid peak is shown in front of an orange sky with clouds and mountains
Everett (Andrew Wilson): "Your intelligence is a gift, but your ignorance is a choice." Quote from the motion picture 'Druid Peak' [2014].
the poster for memory, starring actors from left to right peter chastain and julia breslin
Crítica: Memory ⋆ Moviementarios
the movie poster for coco chanel starring actress and actor in period costume with hat
Coco Before Chanel (2009) A French film about the early life of famed French fashion designer Coco Chanel. French actor Audrey Tautou stars as Chanel. Coco avant Chanel was directed and co-written by actor turned director Anne Fontaine.