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[VIDEO] Today's top teachers in the fields of nutrition, wellness, business and spirituality discuss the importance of Health Coaching, and how Integrative Nutrition graduates are transforming the health and happiness of people around the world!

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission and Core Values - I am proud to be apart of this amazing school and I am on my path to a much healthier way of living and I intend to pay it forward. Thank you IIN for helping me reconnect with my true self.

Last week, we received the news that Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness was honored in the Independent Publisher Book Awards In the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category! Congratulations to everyone involved with writing, publishing, and launching the book!

Integrative Nutrition (Third Edition): Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness is a wonderful book written by Joshua Rosenthal, the direct.

Integrative Nutrition e-Book – Now en Español!

We’re excited to announce that the book, Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness written by Integrative Nutrition Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher Joshua Rosenthal, is now being offered in Spanish!

What is a Health Coach? | Institute for Integrative Nutrition #IIN #healthcoach #liveyourdream

Benefits of Being a being a Health Coach You're the boss As a Health Coach, you call the shots. There's no manager to report to, no Human Resources te

What is a Health Coach? {VIDEO}  A Health Coach is a mentor who works with clients to achieve their wellness goals. By addressing all the facets of health in addition to eating - relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality - Health Coaches help people become healthier and happier in all areas of their lives. LEARN HOW HEALTH COACHES ARE CHANGING THE WORLD.

There is a huge demand for a new kind of health professional. Health Coaches educate and support people to build healthy new habits and create sustainable lifestyle changes.

Bridging the Gap: How Health Coaches Influence Patient Care #IINHealthCoach #HealthCoachWeek #healthcoach

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Health Coach Week 2016: The Highlights #IINHealthCoach #healthcoachweek

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