Death Is Not Final

It is only a misunderstanding of time
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an old black and white photo of women arranging flowers
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Martin Martinček: Dušičky XVII.:1960 - 1980
three women in black dresses are kneeling down and looking at the ground with flowers on it
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Martin Martinček: Dušičky III.:1965 - 1966
a painting of a bed in front of a window
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Ladislav Medňanský Umierajúci 1885 - 1905
a painting of a man laying down with his eyes closed
Ladislav Mednyánszky – Podobizeň mŕtveho dievčaťa
Ladislav Mednyánszky: Podobizeň mŕtveho dievčaťa:1880
a painting of people standing around a man laying on the ground next to another person
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Ladislav Medňanský Nešťastie 1880 - 1885